Sticky post New Door Looks Like Real Wood but Insulates Better

We reshingled the porch roof and replaced the wooden deck of the front porch. It looked out of place with our old steel door that had been painted a dozen times. We wanted a new wooden entry door, but we were concerned about its insulative capacity. We decided to get a fiberglass door that looks just like wood, but is a much better insulator for the cold Montana winters. We found one at a place that deals in entry doors in Billings, Montana. They have pretty much anything you might want for a front door on any house. You can get basic ones to those fancy models that are about a big as a wall once they are installed.

We did not need the big double doors with the side windows. We just needed a nice woodgrain look door with a decorative oval glass center. Read more… »

Sticky post I Wanted Plantation Shutters in My Bathroom

I like to spend my time looking at different sites on the Internet that deal with houses. Whether it is new flooring or windows, furniture or housewares, or something else, I just like looking at different sites to get ideas for my own house. When I saw some bi-fold track plantation shutters on Orange County Shutters, I immediately fell in love with them. Normally, I just look and dream, but I knew that I was going to do my best to make this a reality. The picture I saw was of a bathroom with a large garden tub surrounded on three sides.

One wall was blank, another wall had block tile, and the third was a large window. I have a garden tub that is in a similar setting, but I just had curtains and blinds for the single window. Read more… »

Sticky post Great Remodeling for Kitchens in Chicago

I do not like my kitchen right now. It is too small, and it is not conducive to getting things done. Plus some of the appliances are pretty old. One of the coils for the electric stove actually snapped the other day and shot up and punctured the bottom of my kettle I use for coffee. It was freaking crazy, and i am glad that I was not hurt. I am looking for a Chicago kitchen remodeling because I am ready to have a better kitchen.

Cooking is a big part of my life, and it hard to really enjoy cooking when you do not enjoy the kitchen that you are cooking in. There are a lot of improvements that could be made in order to make it a lot easier to cook in here. One of the things that I want is to have a commercial deep fryer installed into an island in the middle of the kitchen.

I am thinking that we need to knock down a wall in order to make the kitchen larger in overall size. That would give me more room to work, and one of the things that I need in particular is more room on the counters. Counter room is very valuable in my kitchen, and right now there is far too little of it. I also want to get one of those infrared stoves. They look like they work better than the traditional electric stoves. If not the infrared, then I would like to get a gas stove. Those are fun and I have a good bit of experience with cooking on gas stoves as well. I am not sure on the appliances yet, but that is one of the main things that is going to have to change in the process of getting this remodeling job taken care of.

Sticky post Started Spending My Tax Refund Money Already

I have been thinking about what to do when I get the tax refund back, which should be any day now. I got it in early and I am going to be getting a pretty nice one back. I already talked this Barrington driveway contractor about getting something done. I want to put up a shed like thing for the RV. Of course there is no real need to pave every thing, but I want to set down a pad that is a lot bigger than the footprint of the RV. Read more… »

Helping Dad with His Lawn Work

My dad had a stroke last year. While it was a significant health crisis at the time, he has nearly recuperated from it. We thought we may need to put him in a nursing facility at least for a short period of time, but he and my mom both insisted that he go home to recuperate. There were a lot of things he was not able to do, but we filled in for everything but his yard work. That has always been his pride and joy, which is why we hired Emerald Lawn Care Inc to help us with taking care of it.

My neighbor uses their service, and her yard is absolutely gorgeous. Read more… »

Reliant Energy is the Only Choice for Energy

I knew that I was going to go with Reliant Energy in Waco when I purchased a house there, mainly because it was the company that has always provided my folks with their energy needs when I was growing up. There is something comforting about sticking with companies that provide good service at a great price. I wanted to find out a few things about them though, and I was able to do that on a website that details the history and practices of all the different utility companies that provide energy to households in Texas.

I knew that Reliant Energy had been around for a long time, but I wanted to learn a little bit more about their history. When they first started, they were the only company that lit up Houston. They were the first energy company in the area, and they only charged citizens three dollars every month for this luxury. They have made a lot of strides since then, particularly in the green market. Read more… »

Having Radon Detection Done Could Save Your Life

You know how they say carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and tasteless but is a gas that can kill you? I’m sure you have heard of it. You may know of someone who died from exposure to it. It happens a lot when the cool season starts and furnaces come back on. CO can kill you quick at low levels of exposure. However, another odorless, tasteless and colorless gas may be in your house. One that may kill you slower through lung cancer or other cancers. It is radon gas. And radon detection kits are made to help you discover if it is present in your home.

It gathers in the lowest parts of the house. Basements are the place where it accumulates and gets trapped. Crawlspaces too. If there is plenty of ventilation with adequate air movement, it may not be detectable even if it is seeping up from the ground. It is the radioactive decay of rocks that exist under your house. Read more… »

Finding the Right Machine for My House

With a house full of pets, it is important to keep things extremely clean. You would think that it would not be all that hard to clean up after a lot of dogs and cats, but I have to continually clean to keep things as perfect as I want them. I decided to delve into some robot vacuum cleaner reviews that I found online after getting frustrating with my current house cleaning products and equipment not getting up all the hair as they should. My quest was to find out if the newer robot products could do a better job or not.

I found numerous people stating that the price is very much worth it for the amount of time that you will save not needing to push a vacuum around yourself. That made perfect sense to me considering that it takes me over an hour to go over every inch of our home in the hopes of getting most debris and allergens picked up. Read more… »

My Condo Has Never Been This Clean

When my work increased from 40 hours a week to 60, I knew that it was going to pay off in the long run for me. I did not get stressed out from having to work more hours each day as well as one of my days off because I had a promotion I was striving for. Instead, I changed other things in my life so I could still fit everything in. I am a neat freak, so the first thing I did was do an online search for Tampa cleaning services.

I knew I would be too tired coming home every night to do what was necessary at my condo as far as housecleaning goes. I usually dedicate one day a week to the heavy cleaning, but I still do things on a daily basis as well. That was the first thing I wanted to make sure I had covered because I did not want to live in a dirty condo. People may not realize but rooms need cleaned every single day. That is why I wanted a company that was going to take cleaning as seriously as I do. Read more… »

Moving Down to Texas Next Month

I have my stuff all packed up pretty much and I have started to plan the big move down to San Antonio. Of course these efforts are going to be a strain on my relationship with my current girlfriend, but there is not a lot that can be done to solve that. In fact it is not as though the deal was going that smoothly to start with. So it is not as though I am going to be all that downhearted if it does fall apart on me. It was not as though we were going to last forever at any rate. She is not really all that easy to get along with and she seems to expect me to give her more than I am able to give her. Read more… »

Making My Patio Look Much Nicer

I thought I would be able to make the pavers on my patio look better on my own, but I found out that I took on more than I could handle on my own. I thought a bit of elbow grease would have them looking nice, but I spent hours and could not really see a difference, and that was just on one small section of the patio! That is when I knew that I needed to look into a paver cleaning service company. I knew that I could just let it go, but I was tired of looking at a drab patio.

I had no idea who to contact for this, so I simply did a search for paver cleaning services on my favorite search engine. Read more… »

Thinking About Getting Some Stuff for the House

So I have been thinking about this for a while and I think I am going to switch to satellite for a couple of reasons. The big one is that I have a little camper and I can put a little TV on it pretty easily. The simple fact is that you can get two satellite dishes and take one of them any place you want. I am also thinking that I can use it with home security systems. Of course the theory is going to be that you have however many receivers in your house. I have five TV sets in my house now for example. Read more… »

We Had Bees Living in the Wall of Our House and Getting Inside

We had bees that took up residence in the exterior wall of our home. They were finding their way inside through some small hole or space we could not locate. They were not aggressive, but they would sting if touched. My mother, who lives with us, had one get in the blankets of her bed and it stung her. I could see the tiny hole outside at the top of the wall where the roof overhang is where they were coming and going. I called Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control to help. They sent out an exterminator that morning.

He used a tiny puff of powder from a little bottle to treat the hive. Read more… »

You Did a Great Job

I did a Google search for water damage in Valencia after we had water damage from a storm last year. I guess you never really can plan for damage to your home after a storm, but having someone to fix it right away really helped us move past the scary storm.When I was young I lived in an area where there was a lot of severe storms and I would always be scared during those storms, so my parents tried to make it a game for me and my brother when the storms would come. We would all go down to the basement and my mom would say it was to play together. I knew it was because it was the safest part of the house to be in during a thunder storm. My brother and I had so much fun because we would eat cereal and play board games with my parents. Read more… »

Some Simple Answers On Identifying Essential Details In Water Damage Restoration

Your home or business premises is one of the valuable assets you have in your life, in the unlikely even when water has caused damage in your property because of one reason or the other. Water can cause damage at home due to excessive down pour, a leaking water pipe or floods. At any rate there may be small or excessive damage to the house or appliances, floods can cause a big damage at home to the extent of submerging a wall. When such damages occur to your property, here is how to select a water damage restoration contractor; Read more… »

Top Guidelines For 2014 On Elegant Tactics Of Mold Remediation Contractors

MoldMolds are small organisms in different colors like black, white, green, etc., and found everywhere in your home, including plants, foods and dry leaves. Molds generally develop in areas of the household as bathrooms, basement where there are high levels of moisture present. The main reason for the growth of mold is water infiltration and water leaks with high humidity.

Mold is dangerous because not only damage your aesthetics houses and furniture, but also the health of your family. People who come in direct contact with these molds can suffer from various allergies. Mold is very dangerous to your health. Symptoms may include tightening around the throat and breathing distress. Sneezing, eye irritation, itching of the skin are the most common allergies caused by mold, but there may be many other types of reactions which initially may not be related to exposure to mold. Infants, children and the elderly who have low levels of immunity are prone to respiratory problems and breathing. Therefore mold should be removed as soon as possible by a trained mold and water damage restoration contractor. When asthmatics are exposed to high concentrations of mold spores they can actually die as a result! Read more… »

Some Simple Tips On Speedy Secrets In Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is deceptive. Water finds its way in the structural cavities. In return, this creates trapped saturation pockets. In such areas, water can only be detected by use of moisture detection meters. If undetected, the moisture will continue to cause damage. However, water damage can always be restored. Below are the tips on how to select a water damage restoration contractor in Portland, Oregon or other locations: Read more… »

Had to Get the Basement Dried Out?

I remembered what we did when I was a kid. One time we got a hurricane that stalled out over our area of North Carolina and after a bit there was no place for the water to go. The ground was completely saturated and so it started to come in to the basement. We got this guy who had a steam cleaning company to come and suck it all up. I had to look up this guy called PhD in Clean and he came by to vacuum up all of the water. In this case a water main broke at some time during the night. Unfortunately for us the storm drain got stopped up by a bunch of trash and after that it started to run into our yard and into the basement. That was just bad luck for us, but it was the way that it was and it was not all that bad.

We had to throw away a few things. There was a lot of stuff down there that we could not save, but none of it was all that big of a deal. Read more… »

Portland Water Damage Repair – Tips For Homeowners

Disasters often strike with no warning. Water damage is one such sudden occurrence that can be unavoidable when it strikes. To prevent such an occurrence, consider water damage restoration today. Recovery is possible with all kinds of water damage, which could be caused by natural calamities, damaged drainage and burst pipes. If your office or home property gets damaged, you need to act fast and start the water restoration process. You can prevent further damage and health risks by securing the services of a reputable water damage restoration company. Here are some important tips on how to select a Portland Water Damage Repair and restoration contractor. Read more… »

Doing a Big Renovation Job

Ian and I bought this old house last summer. We rented it out for a littlewhile. It is about a half of a mile from the campus of UCLA and so it is pretty easy to rent the rooms to college students. They were a great big pain to deal with though. I was young and irresponsible once, so it was not a big surprise to me. We started the renovation after they all moved out. I had to make sure that Los Angeles Shutters had the stuff that I needed, because it was not sure that they would have this sort of stuff. It was an odd house, about seven decades old and it has been renovated before. Read more… »

Tips on How To Select The Best Portland Remodel Company

Achieving the look and feel of you home require use of professional remodeling company. In Portland, the demand of a Portland Remodel Company like is quite high. Because there are many contractors offering remodeling services, it may be tricky or difficult to select the best contractor. If you are looking forward to refurbish you home, here are tips on how to select the best Portland remodel company.

Contractors Portland OregonMake a budget.

Making budget is the first step in determining the best contractor. Obviously, you will work with a contractor who will work with your budget. The quality of work should never be undermined.


Contractor’s competence is a basic factor that you need to consider. Always go for a qualified and experienced contractor. Company that has been handling projects similar to your work will not be intimidated by your project. Understand that even junior contractor may claim to be experienced. Thus you need to do a lot of research before hiring remodeling company.


Hiring a company without negotiating on price can cause a lot of disappointment. Before job commencement, ask for a written contract. If a company cannot provide a written contract, always avoid them. In addition, use a company liability and compensation coverage.


Always work with a company that listens to you. You are very important to them and thus you have every right to be listened. Don’t waste your time with a company that is not ready to take your opinion. Good Portland remodeling company should offer enough attention to their client. Advisably, use a company that is ready to visit you property, advice you on what needs to be done and also do free estimate.


Use a company that is available and will complete your project within the agreed time. Not every company will complete you project within the specified time. You need to inquire on the time they will take to complete you work. Avoid firm that uses subcontractors. Hiring such company is very risky because they may end up delegating work to incompetent contractors who may not understand you agreement.

Check customer’s reviews.

When you decide to remodel your home, your main goal is to make it perfect and also last for long. You need to use professionals who will give highest quality work at a fair price. If you are searching for the best remodel company online, always ensure you go through customers reviews before making any deal with them. Avoid a Portland Remodel Company without customers reviews. They will end up frustrating your efforts to have a perfect home you want.

Check the technology and techniques they are used.

It is always noble to use a company with the latest technology and techniques. For example, it is good to use a company that adheres to green technology. If you want to save and regain money that you have used to remodel your house, consider using a company that fully understands you needs and can implement some techniques and technology that will enable you to save some money at long run.

No doubt, if you implement these tips, you will use the best Portland remodel company that will truly give value to your money.

Hiring a Portland Remodel Contractor for your Bathroom Remodeling

Our bathroom is one of the most important areas in our house and therefore, this should be given utmost priority. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, it is a good idea to hire a Portland remodel contractor for the job. And since there are so many companies that provide these services now, refer below for some of the things that you should consider when selecting a good contractor.

Do your Research

Before you ask the contractors for a home visit and to collect estimates and quotations, it would be a good idea to spend some time in researching about your dream bathroom remodel. Find out how much you could end up spending for the job and check to see if you have the funds available to spend for it. Also, decide on the important features that you want to be included on the bathroom remodeling project and check out some design inspirations for your bathroom.

Ask for Referrals

If you know of a friend or a neighbor who has done some remodeling on their bathroom before, then ask if they can recommend a good contractor to you. Find out if they have a positive experience in dealing with the contractor that they have hired and if the contractor has handled any problems well. If possible, ask them if you can check their bathroom so you can take a look at the work of the contractor. This is for you to have an idea on how his or her job will turn out.

Interview Potential Contractors

Schedule a meeting with about two to three contractors and ask them for a price quotation of your bathroom remodeling project. It is also a good idea to invite them to come over to your home so they can take a look at your bathroom and contribute ideas or concepts in order to achieve the kind of design that you want. Of course, choose which among them can present you with the best concept and at a price that is within your budget.

Aside from the things mentioned above, it would be a good idea to find out the credentials of the remodeling contractor. A company like Bridgeport Restoration is a great place to start. Also, ask about the kind of jobs they have done in the past and see if you can view some photos of these jobs. Inquire if they have a license and if their services are fully insured. Once you have found the right company, sign the contract so the contractor can start with the project.