Deciding Whether or Not to Buy a Cordless Impact Wrench

If you are eyeing cordless impact wrenches, chances are you would confuse it with a cordless drill. Both of these tools look quite the same, but the former has more power than a drill has, making it a much better option for construction workers, handy men and women, and homeowners.


Also, a cordless impact wrench can fit into tighter spaces as compared to what a drill can do, making it a lot more versatile. It is essential that you know how to use it well before the actual process.

Know Your Use or Purpose

The question is whether you must buy a cordless impact wrench or the one with cord. Actually, using a power cord gives you an unlimited supply of power while you work and that is truly amazing. One disadvantage to using a tool with a cord is that you may not use it if you are working away from home or without a power source.

How Handy is It?

A cord reduces the portability and can be a hassle for you when you do the work. While you can use extension cords to bring power to your electric impact wrench, the bottom line is that this will make it even more unwieldy.

Power Source or Supply

A cordless impact wrench doesn’t require power to be used on work sites and other areas. You can place one in the trunk of your vehicle for emergency cases and not worry about whether you need a power source.

Extra Batteries

If you think you will run out of power source, do not worry. All you need to do now is buy a second battery so that you may exchange them without the need to wait for the original one to charge up again. Most job sites actually carry several batteries for cordless power tools on hand to make sure that there is never a problem when it comes to maintaining this tool for years and so.

While you can find that a cordless impact wrench has less power than the one with a cord, the convenience you get from using a cordless tool far outweighs the small power loss that you get. You may still use your cordless impact wrench for a wide variety of uses and you may count on it to get the work done quickly. All you have to do is to find the best tool for you.

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