Doing a Big Renovation Job

Ian and I bought this old house last summer. We rented it out for a littlewhile. It is about a half of a mile from the campus of UCLA and so it is pretty easy to rent the rooms to college students. They were a great big pain to deal with though. I was young and irresponsible once, so it was not a big surprise to me. We started the renovation after they all moved out. I had to make sure that Los Angeles Shutters had the stuff that I needed, because it was not sure that they would have this sort of stuff. It was an odd house, about seven decades old and it has been renovated before. That was probably about twenty five years ago from the looks of it and the appliances are that old. They have to be replaced, especially the cook top and the dish washer.


The floors are pretty awesome at least they will be after I get done with them. I borrowed a floor sander slash polisher from this guy who does that. I just wanted to see what it would look like. It is not that tough of a job if you have done it before and I know just enough about it to it myself. Ian is going to re wire the place. Right now we are sort of afraid that the place might burn down because it is not really set up to take the kind of power loads that it is using. Obviously when this house was built there was not all that big of a demand for electricity in the house. You have a couple of lights and you had a radio. They put in electric appliances in place of ones that use to run on natural gas too.

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