Everything Looks Great on Our Home Now

Sprucing up our home’s exterior is something my wife and I have wanted to do for about 20 years. When we first moved into our place, it looked nice enough. We had big plans to make it better, but that did not come about because we had so much going on. But a new roof, paint job and some coloured gutters have really made us proud of our home. We both wish we would have done this long ago.


My wife has always been the one who spruced things up indoors. And because we are both really thrifty and do not like to buy things at full cost, she was able to do this relatively cheaply by getting things at thrift stores or at yard sales She has even dragged me a long to an estate sale or two. Lots of women finding good deals there, and you can easily see a husband or two who stand around finding some goodies, too. But that is my wife’s fun, and I always promised her that I would handle the outside of my house. She was real patient about it until recently. I knew I needed to do something.

I was the one who took the time to come up with the paint colors for our home. I looked through a lot of websites and picked out three different colors. The lightest color went on the home walls. The other two colors went on the trim around the windows and on our front door. I showed my wife, and she loved what I picked out, so I got to work painting the house. When I was done, I realized that we really needed to have some gutters put in. So I made sure that they matched our new paint color and our roof.

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