Finally Decided to Landscape My Backyard

After living in my home for many years, I was starting to get tired of my backyard. It was plain, and I knew it would be a problem before I even bought the place. The yard was fairly square with a metal chain link fence around it, with very little landscaping. Having virtually no experience with gardening or landscaping, I knew that I would need to bring in a barrington landscape design contractor in order to make sure it was done well. I was completely out of ideas for what I could do, and ideally I wanted to bring in a professional with a lot of experience to come up with ideas for me.


I had a local area landscaper come out to my home to give me an estimate on how much professional landscaping would cost. In order to get an accurate estimate, I was told I would need to narrow down my focus on what kind of work I wanted to have done. I decided that I wanted to replace the chain link fence with a nice wood one, as it would add privacy and beauty to my backyard. I also wanted to add flower beds around the perimeter of the yard to give it more color.

Based on what I wanted, I was able to get a price quote from my local contractor. I was very glad to see that it fell within the budget I had in mind, so I hired them immediately for the job. It took them a weekend to get the work done, but in the end I was incredibly happy with how it turned out. My yard was no longer something I was ashamed of, and was definitely worth showing off by having a huge party at my house the very next weekend.

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