Getting This Done Really Saved Me Lots of Time

Tired of working harder year, I decided to make some changes in the way that I took care of our house. This meant that I needed to be proactive. One really great help was to put a gutter guard up all around our home. Ten years ago, I would have wondered if that was something that was really necessary, but now that I have one, I realize that I spent a lot of hours of unnecessary cleaning, when I could have stopped that from needing to be done in the first place.


When I say that I had to be proactive, this means that I stopped just working hard around he house, and put in some helper products that would minimize or eliminate home maintenance issues. I used to spend at least one full weekend per year going around my house by myself to clean out the gutters. The, I had to spend a shorter amount of maintenance time on them every four months or so. Every four months, I would spend a little over a half of a day getting out all the debris that had shown up because of storms or wind. It really was not something that I looked forward to doing, but it had to be done.

Now that I have a guard that has been installed, it keeps out about 95% or more of all the things that used to collect and fill up all the drains and gutters. I would say that maybe once per year I go up on top of my roof and do a little surveillance to make sure everything is okay, but that’s about it. And so far, everything has looked great with minimal maintenance time on my part. This is one of those things that you wonder how you ever lived without it previously.

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