Had to Get the Basement Dried Out?

I remembered what we did when I was a kid. One time we got a hurricane that stalled out over our area of North Carolina and after a bit there was no place for the water to go. The ground was completely saturated and so it started to come in to the basement. We got this guy who had a steam cleaning company to come and suck it all up. I had to look up this guy called PhD in Clean and he came by to vacuum up all of the water. In this case a water main broke at some time during the night. Unfortunately for us the storm drain got stopped up by a bunch of trash and after that it started to run into our yard and into the basement. That was just bad luck for us, but it was the way that it was and it was not all that bad.


We had to throw away a few things. There was a lot of stuff down there that we could not save, but none of it was all that big of a deal. Of course it was not like the water was waist deep. It just got up about an inch and a half deep and then it was running out through the back door. If that door had been water tight then we might have been swimming down there. As it was most of the stuff that was ruined needed to be gotten rid of to start with. It was stuff that was we did not need. Of course it was a big pain to deal with it and if you did not get rid of it, then you would end up with a smelly and moldy mess down in the basement of the house.

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