Having Radon Detection Done Could Save Your Life

You know how they say carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and tasteless but is a gas that can kill you? I’m sure you have heard of it. You may know of someone who died from exposure to it. It happens a lot when the cool season starts and furnaces come back on. CO can kill you quick at low levels of exposure. However, another odorless, tasteless and colorless gas may be in your house. One that may kill you slower through lung cancer or other cancers. It is radon gas. And radon detection kits are made to help you discover if it is present in your home.


It gathers in the lowest parts of the house. Basements are the place where it accumulates and gets trapped. Crawlspaces too. If there is plenty of ventilation with adequate air movement, it may not be detectable even if it is seeping up from the ground. It is the radioactive decay of rocks that exist under your house. Radon comes up out of the ground but is not a problem in the open air. When it seeps up through dirt floor crawlspaces, root cellars, cracks in concrete, porous concrete, stone and other substances it can migrate through, it gathers and concentrates in the enclosed space.

Some people have levels of radon so high in their homes it is the equivalent of smoking several packs of cigarettes per day as far as the potential for getting things such as lung cancer. Radon is not going to cause breathing problems such as smoking is likely to. The reference is to the cancer risk. If you have radon detection completed to get an analysis of if and how much gas is present, you can do something to mitigate it. Sealing the surfaces it is seeping through and ventilating are the only options.

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