Helping Dad with His Lawn Work

My dad had a stroke last year. While it was a significant health crisis at the time, he has nearly recuperated from it. We thought we may need to put him in a nursing facility at least for a short period of time, but he and my mom both insisted that he go home to recuperate. There were a lot of things he was not able to do, but we filled in for everything but his yard work. That has always been his pride and joy, which is why we hired Emerald Lawn Care Inc to help us with taking care of it.


My neighbor uses their service, and her yard is absolutely gorgeous. My dad has mentioned several times in the past that he was going to hire the same service when he was no longer able to take care of the yard on his own, and that is the main reason why we wanted that particular lawn care service to take care of their lawn. We had a lawn person come out to give us an estimate on what it would cost, and the price we were quoted was extremely reasonable.

My mom went ahead and signed a contract with them since we knew my dad would not be able to take care of the lawn for a long time, if ever again. One of the things that he really enjoyed doing when he was recuperating was going outside when the lawn crew came to take care of the grass. He did not have a single complaint about them, and he just really enjoyed watching them take care of the lawn. Now that he is almost back to normal, we thought he would want to take back caring for the lawn, but he told us that he wants to have Emerald Lawn Care continue to do it because they do a better job!

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