Sticky post I Wanted Plantation Shutters in My Bathroom

I like to spend my time looking at different sites on the Internet that deal with houses. Whether it is new flooring or windows, furniture or housewares, or something else, I just like looking at different sites to get ideas for my own house. When I saw some bi-fold track plantation shutters, I immediately fell in love with them. Normally, I just look and dream, but I knew that I was going to do my best to make this a reality. The picture I saw was of a bathroom with a large garden tub surrounded on three sides.


One wall was blank, another wall had block tile, and the third was a large window. I have a garden tub that is in a similar setting, but I just had curtains and blinds for the single window. I really liked how the bi fold track shutters looked though. It gave the entire bathroom an elegance that I knew I wanted to duplicate. The next part was the scary part for me though. After seeing it and knowing that I wanted it, I had to find out what the price was. I didn’t care how much it was, but I was hoping that I could get it sooner rather than saving up for it for later.

I talked with a rep from the company and told them about the picture that I saw. When I asked what that would cost exactly, I was pretty surprised at the price. I was expecting something much higher, since I do know that plantation shutters can be costly. The rep explained that the company keeps everything in house, which reduces the costs strongly. Needless to say, I now have the exact same setup in my bathroom, and I am now thinking about having some of my other windows done the same way!

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