Moving Down to Texas Next Month

I have my stuff all packed up pretty much and I have started to plan the big move down to San Antonio. Of course these efforts are going to be a strain on my relationship with my current girlfriend, but there is not a lot that can be done to solve that. In fact it is not as though the deal was going that smoothly to start with. So it is not as though I am going to be all that downhearted if it does fall apart on me. It was not as though we were going to last forever at any rate. She is not really all that easy to get along with and she seems to expect me to give her more than I am able to give her. At any rate I am working on how to figure out my living conditions down in San Antonio. I have figured out something odd that I did not know about the place.


It turns out that you get to choose your power company down there. I am not really sure what good that is going to do me, but if you look it up you find out that they have dozens of electric companies down there and they have a bunch of rules about people being allowed to choose the one that they like. It seems as though it is not all that likely you would get one that was a lot better than the other, but I assume it is best if you have them compete. For instance if you have one cable company that is always a bad deal for the consumer. In this town they really hit you hard on that, because they only have Time Warner and with no competition they charge as much as they want.

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