My Backyard is As Gorgeous As the View Now

I have a gorgeous view from my back porch. I don’t see any houses at all. What I do see is a nice mountain range in the far distance, with fields closer to me. I suppose I could be content with just seeing that, but I wanted to see some of the beauty in my own yard. I have a pretty large back yard, but I had never done anything with it because I don’t have a green thumb at all. I decided to contact a North York landscaping company to see if they could give me some ideas as well as a quote.


When the gentleman came out, the view is the first thing that caught his attention too. He understood why I wanted my yard to look nice, and he told me that there were so many ways we could go with it. If I wanted to just have flowers, bushes and trees, he could design something with that in mind. He told me that we did not have to limit ourselves to just that though. He could incorporate a new patio, retaining walls, paths and much more into it as well.

I had him draw me up a couple of different plans with a quote on how much each one would cost, and he was able to do that very quickly for me. I thought it would be easy to choose between the two, but it was anything but that. There were so many things that I liked with both, but I knew that it would look too crowded if I tried to have both. Instead, he came up with a third plan that had my favorite things from the two previous plans, and it was perfect in every way. He and his crew got started on it later that week, and they were done a day early with it. Now when I sit on my back porch, I have two views competing with one another, they are both that nice!

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