New Door Looks Like Real Wood but Insulates Better

We reshingled the porch roof and replaced the wooden deck of the front porch. It looked out of place with our old steel door that had been painted a dozen times. We wanted a new wooden entry door, but we were concerned about its insulative capacity. We decided to get a fiberglass door that looks just like wood, but is a much better insulator for the cold Montana winters. We found one at a place that deals in entry doors in Billings, Montana. They have pretty much anything you might want for a front door on any house. You can get basic ones to those fancy models that are about a big as a wall once they are installed.


We did not need the big double doors with the side windows. We just needed a nice woodgrain look door with a decorative oval glass center. We changed our mind at the last minute and went with a solid door for the extra security. No glass means less of a chance of a break in by just breaking a window on the door and unlocking it. We have a porch security camera, so we can see who is outside without the glass in the door.

We liked the door so much that we bought another one for the back of the house. You could practically feel the cold coming off of that door about mid January. Replacing it was a pleasure. It was dented and rusty looking around the edges. The new fiberglass ones we got will not have that problem, and I am surprised at how much they actually look like they are made of real solid wood. The next door to be replaced is the one for the basement. We will be getting it from the same place that sells entry doors in Billings, Montana where we got the other two.

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