Started Spending My Tax Refund Money Already

I have been thinking about what to do when I get the tax refund back, which should be any day now. I got it in early and I am going to be getting a pretty nice one back. I already talked this Barrington driveway contractor about getting something done. I want to put up a shed like thing for the RV. Of course there is no real need to pave every thing, but I want to set down a pad that is a lot bigger than the footprint of the RV. Of course there are a couple of places I can do do this and the obvious thing is to do it in this part of the lot which I bought from the farmer who operates the land behind me. He owned a sliver of land on this side of a little creek that runs between our properties. The land was not much use to him, but it was right beside my place and I wanted to do something with it.


In fact I have thought about making a big circle driveway, which would be great if it would not cost so much. Instead I am thinking that I will put down a bit of gravel in a roadbed and then put down the concrete or asphalt pad to park the RV on. After that I just need to erect a big car port. It will be like the ones that they have to keep you dry in the gas station I guess. I am thinking that you can start out with a roof along and then later on you can put up sides for it. That makes sense and they make them where it is not that big of a deal to do it like that. It just requires a bit of work.

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