Things to Consider before Hiring a Portland Restoration Contractor

Maintaining a home in Portland has its ups and downs. The city has a high standard of living and maintaining a home can be expensive since home remodeling companies aren’t really cheap. If you live in Portland and are planning to hire a contractor, then consider some things before hiring.


Not all Contractors are Alike

There are things that you should know about a Portland restoration contractor before making a formal commitment. Not all restoration companies are structured the same, but there are professionals who offer much better value than others.

To get the best out of your money, consider the things below before hiring a restoration contractor:

  1. Is your contractor covered by insurance?

Ask your contractor to provide you a copy of the company’s insurance. If he can’t do this, then stay away! If an accident happens, you will be held liable.

  1. Have you verified their references and past projects?

Ask your contractor to provide you at least 3 references and photos of his previous works. If he produces garden and lawn photos, yet your project is a kitchen remodel, you should choose another contractor.

  1. Have you observed his manners and appearance?

This is a no-brainer, but does your contractor present himself in a professional manner?  If you feel comfortable around him and his employees, then it’s a good sign of him being a good contractor.

  1. Ask about his clean-up policy.

Does the contractor have a clean-up policy? Will it be included in the tasks that he and his workers will do? Or will you be left alone to fix up the mess?

  1. Who does the work?

Will your contractor do the work himself, or will he sub contract the work to others?  If you are remodeling a kitchen, you may need a carpenter, plumber and electrician. It’s okay if your contractor subs the work to them as it shows that he wants the work to be done right and he acknowledges that he’s not an expert on those fields. However, it should be included in the contract that he sub contracted the work, and you should have the final say.

  1. Did your contractor get the permits?

Your contractor should take care of the permits. Though permits cost you money, it is meant to protect you from safety issues and poor workmanship.

With a genuine commitment and greater experience, a good Portland restoration contractor can provide you all the documents and meet your expectations.

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