Thinking About Getting Some Stuff for the House

So I have been thinking about this for a while and I think I am going to switch to satellite for a couple of reasons. The big one is that I have a little camper and I can put a little TV on it pretty easily. The simple fact is that you can get two satellite dishes and take one of them any place you want. I am also thinking that I can use it with home security systems. Of course the theory is going to be that you have however many receivers in your house. I have five TV sets in my house now for example. One of them is not even hooked up to anything right now, it is an old set that I have not gotten rid of because it is big and heavy and because I keep thinking I will be able to give it away to some poor person who might not have a good TV set to watch.


At any rate I have a TV in each bedroom, another in the living room and one in my office which is sort of where I would watch sports. At any rate I have bought a little RV which is quite nice so long as you are not stuck in it for too long. I have plans to take it on fishing trips, but of course I still want to be able to watch TV even if I am at the lake. It is relatively simple in fact, although you have to carry the dish with you and before you can watch TV you shall have to take it out, set it up and aim it at the proper place in the sky. Of course you have to make sure you park some place where you can get a clear line of sight to the appropriate place in the sky.

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