We Had Bees Living in the Wall of Our House and Getting Inside

We had bees that took up residence in the exterior wall of our home. They were finding their way inside through some small hole or space we could not locate. They were not aggressive, but they would sting if touched. My mother, who lives with us, had one get in the blankets of her bed and it stung her. I could see the tiny hole outside at the top of the wall where the roof overhang is where they were coming and going. I called Fox Valley Environmental Pest Control to help. They sent out an exterminator that morning.


He used a tiny puff of powder from a little bottle to treat the hive. He told me that it would kill the nest and make the space uninhabitable for bees. He said it would take about three or four days for the nest to be completely destroyed. He said that in case we were going to open the wall and remove what was left of the hive. He also warned us to not eat any of the honey that may be present since he treated the nest with a pesticide.

All we did after there were no signs of bees at all for several days was to put silicone caulking into the dime-sized hole that the bees were coming and going through outside. I also checked the caulking around all of the windows and doors and everywhere else it was present on the house to prevent this from happening again. We live close to the woods, and I guess our house looked like a nice place to set up a hive. I did not want to destroy the hive, but I could not have them putting my family at risk inside or out. You could not be around the opening of the nest outside without making the bees nervous.

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