You Did a Great Job

I did a Google search for water damage in Valencia after we had water damage from a storm last year. I guess you never really can plan for damage to your home after a storm, but having someone to fix it right away really helped us move past the scary storm.When I was young I lived in an area where there was a lot of severe storms and I would always be scared during those storms, so my parents tried to make it a game for me and my brother when the storms would come. We would all go down to the basement and my mom would say it was to play together. I knew it was because it was the safest part of the house to be in during a thunder storm. My brother and I had so much fun because we would eat cereal and play board games with my parents. During the week my parents would be so busy that sometimes we didn’t have a lot of quality time together as a family. So having those memories is something to look back on with joy instead of looking back at those nights in fear of the storms.


This year when we had a very bad thunderstorm our house suffered from some water damaged and I needed to find a contractor quickly to fix the problems. I found your website right away and called for you to come give us an estimate. Within a few days you were at my house talking about the repairs you could do for us. I felt very comfortable with you right away, so I decided to hire you for the job. It only took three days to have the house like it was before the storm, We are very happy with your work.

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